Master's Thesis


In order to be admitted to the master's thesis, students must complete the seminar MAN 741.

Choice of Topic

If you would like to work on your thesis under the supervision of a professor of our chair, please contact Katja Dlouhy, who is responsible for the coordination of the master's theses.

We provide support through our teaching staff. However, we expect you to come up with a topic for your thesis on your own. You may as well work on your thesis in cooperation with a company. Occasionally, we provide a list of topics available for theses at our chair.

Please find a list of topics here: Currently, there are no topics available.

Please consider that it may take up to 6 weeks to find a concrete research question which will be followed by registration of your thesis.


Before writing your thesis, please read the guidelines for writing scientific papers in Initiates file downloadGerman and Initiates file downloadEnglish.