Bachelor Thesis

The topics for bachelor's theses correspond to the teaching and research areas of our chair. Before writing your thesis, please read the guidelines for writing scientific papers in Initiates file downloadGerman and Initiates file downloadEnglish.

Topics for bachelor theses for business administration students in FSS 2018

Performance feedback based on (visual) data: Recommendations for leadership practice

Basing HR decisions on Big Data: Threats to employees' moral agency and motivation

The impact of hiring algorithms on candidate perceptions

Genetic influences on job satisfaction and job-related stress

Compensation in the war for talent – how can compensation systems be used to motivate and retain top performers?

The effects of personnel selection methods on (future) employees

How does environmental CSR affect employees’ attitudes and behavior?

Is it always good to be flexible? The relationship between flexible work arrangements and work-family-interference

Are there European clusters of HRM?

The antecedents of HRM practices

How do work groups influence their members? The self-categorization theory

We are the champions! A review of the social identity theory

Group norms at the workplace - a review

Justice in organizations: what, how, and why?